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Guaranteed Wireless Sensor Network Development with Private LoRa Network and WISE-Link Connectivity

WhitePaper | 8/9/2017
This white paper explains the difference between Advantech’s proprietary private LoRa network technology—called WISE-Link—and other LoRaWAN technologies. Advantech’s solution achieves guaranteed LoRa payload data delivery with a superior networking service aimed at Small-to-Middle (SMB) businesses.

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  • Timesys LinuxLink for Advantech RISC Platforms

    Video 7/18/2017
    Timesys LinuxLink features easy-to-use development tools and engineering support, making it easy to manage the security and updates of your custom embedded Linux and securely implement firmware upgrades for your devices. To learn more about Timesys' LinuxLink for Advantech platforms, visit http://ww...
  • Efficient Arm Mbed Device Management for Smart City

    Case Studies Arm Mbed Cloud | 7/17/2017
    An Arm-based soft-and-hardware solution combining LoRa long-range and Arm Mbed Cloud Platform Services. With Arm Mbed Cloud Device Management Service, an SI can easily and quickly provision functions including data acquisition, remote monitoring, and device management.
  • ARM mbed Cloud On-device Security Protects Data in Smart Manufacturing

    Case Studies ARM mbed Cloud | 7/17/2017
    As a smart factory often downloads software from the cloud or makes changes to the firmware from a cloud management platform A comprehensive mbed Security Solution is needed to protect the data from leaking, whether during the process of gathering, or transmission, or of storage.
  • ARM mbed Cloud Remote Software Update for Smart Agriculture

    Case Studies ARM mbed Cloud | 7/17/2017
    A large scale Smart Agriculture application requires deployment of numerous sensors over a wide area. Advantech provides mbed Software Update to reduce costs for deployment, operation and maintenance, as well as longer product service life and better wireless communication coverage.
  • Warp!! for Embedded Linux Quick Boot Solution on Advantech i.MX6 Qseven Board

    Video 7/17/2017
    To introduce ARM solutions to the world in a quick and easy way, Advantech offers a standardized hardware platform with open design guidelines and relevant schematics that help you to integrate hardware platforms into unique applications. For more information visit: or http://sele...
  • Advantech Vandal-Proof LCD Display Kit Enhances Impact Strength for Spectrum Analyzer in Defense...

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/12/2017
    The growing market for wireless technology drives the growth in demand for spectrum analyzers with multi-tasking capabilities. Spectrum analyzers are increasingly used in the field especially in defense applications. The primary use is to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signal...
  • Advantech Industrial Display Kit Enhances Imaging Quality and Ruggedness for Portable Ultrasound...

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/12/2017
    Ultrasound is an effective diagnostic tool in emergency rooms, anesthesia, critical care, pain management, and other bedside ultrasound applications. They are used to help evaluate, diagnose and treat medical conditions, and their high resolution imaging and user-friendly interface improves diagnost...
  • Advantech High Brightness Display Solutions Shine on Digital Drive-thru Menu Boards

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/12/2017
    Digital drive-thru menu boards are one of the most proven ways to consistently increase quick service restaurant (QSR) sales. The eye-catching dynamic menus without the limitations of static posters and panels boosts sales by preselling and upselling brand new items and meal deal promotions. As the...
  • Outdoor Bicycle-sharing Systems

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/7/2017
    In order to push energy efficiency and carbon reduction, more and more governments in different countries have built automatic bicycle rental systems and been encouraging its citizens to use non-polluting bicycles for short journeys. The bicycle-sharing systems provide convenient mobility, healthy e...
  • Social-EC-KACP-1706-WebcastMSFT-AVT

    Video 7/3/2017
  • Advantech Digital Signage Solutions Enhance China’s Flight Information Display Systems

    Case Studies Advantech | 6/22/2017
    In 2016, there were altogether 218 civil airports in China. The Chinese civil aviation industry registered a total cargo & mail traffic volume of 15.1 million ton/kilometers, carrying 1.01 trillion passengers, occupying the 2nd place in the world. To meet growing demand, China continues to expand th...
  • Advantech Digital Signage in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

    Case Studies Advantech | 6/22/2017
    Being as Taiwan's largest and busiest airport and the top 10 best airports in Asia in 2016, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport served more than 115,000 passengers per day. To assist a large of number of airline passengers every day, digital signage systems are very important. Digital signage acts...
  • Advantech Digital Signage Implemented at Subway Franchises in Thailand

    Case Studies Advantech | 6/15/2017
    Subway is an American fast-food franchise renowned for its submarine sandwiches and salads. Having successfully expanded from Western countries into the Asian market, Subway now boasts a market presence in at least 111 countries, making it one of the fastest growing franchises in the world.
  • Design with Leading Display Technologies

    WhitePaper 6/12/2017
    Compared to commercial grade displays, industrial displays require ruggedness and longevity, and they must be able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Industrial displays are usually designed with longer life using more reliable materials for the backlight module and o...
  • Immersive CurveView™ Improving the Visual Experience with Curved Screen Displays

    WhitePaper 6/6/2017
    The ongoing growth of the global monitor industry has prompted the introduction of new technologies that have led to the development of various new products and applications. The curved screen touch monitor is one such new product. Besides consumer products that feature curved monitor designs, certa...
  • Enhancing Maintenance Flow Process and Customer Engagement in Auto Maintenance Centers

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/23/2017
    Digital Signage is now recognized as a necessity in many aspects of business. By looking at the industry of automation where digital signage can be implemented, we have highlighted some ways it can be effective. In this project, one of our customers, a chain of automotive maintenance centers in Shan...
  • SQRAM Provides Extreme Ruggedized Solution for Aircraft

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/19/2017
    Aerospace and defense systems require rugged and reliable platforms that can operate in challenging environments. Conditions in these fields are characterized by extreme heat, cold, dust, shock, and vibration. When it comes to DRAM memory modules inside these systems, individual bit errors are commo...
  • SQFlash Enhances Railway Stability with Utility Monitoring

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/19/2017
    High-speed railways have made a huge come back in recent years and now span the globe but in many countries, especially in developing ones, they provide a crucial mode of transport because they move a lot of people affordably with a minimum impact on the environment. They also quickly connect cities...
  • SQFlash SSD Protects Data from Sudden Power Failures for In-Vehicle Applications

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/19/2017
    System design for in-vehicle applications always present a big challenge because they need to cope with dramatic changes in operating environments such as wide temperature fluctuations, strong vibration, and humidity. Furthermore, because of power supply instability, they also need to cope with fluc...
  • Moving to Cloud with Azure at WISE-PaaS Marketplace

    Video 5/8/2017
    Advantech provides Microsoft Azure cloud packages for both its custom service packages at three monthly rates and pre-configured solution packages that can be deployed without configuration to assist customers with connecting their industrial solutions to the cloud. All Advantech cloud solutions are...
  • WISE-PaaS Marketplace, Your online software store

    Video 5/8/2017
    The WISE-PaaS Marketplace is an Online software store that features Advantech's exclusive software services, IoT cloud services, security services, WISE-PaaS software services, and pre-packaged solution packages. Know more: WISE-PaaS Marketplace: http://...
  • COM Express Basic

    A COM Express Basic suporta processadores Intel Core I, Intel Atom e a 4ª Geração Intel, sendo a mais recente formatação COM, suportando poderosos processadores x86. COM Express Basic traz novas interfaces em alta velocidade para placas transportadoras, como PCIe x16, x8, x4 e x1, SATA3, USB 3.0 e DDI, com ampla gama de ...
  • 3.5" Single Board Computers

    Advantech’s 3.5" single board computers (SBCs) measure 146 x 102 mm and offer scalable x86 performance for Intel® or AMD x86 platforms, feature rich I/O, fanless slim design, high shock and vibration tolerance, extended temperature options, and product longevity. Advantech’s SBCs are designed to satisfy demands for 24/7 ...
  • Computadores-em-Módulos

    A Advantech oferece diversas soluções RISC incluindo módulos RISC, Computadores de Placa Única (SBC) e Box Computers baseados na tecnologia dos processadores ARM. Nossos módulos RISC atendem a diferentes demandas de mercado: módulos RISC Qseven padrão, módulos SMARC para dispositivos portáteis e aplicações industriais e ...
  • Placas-Mãe MicroATX

    As placas-mãe MicroATX (uATX) possuem apenas 244 x 244 mm e pode ser utilizada utilizada em aplicações onde menos de 4 slots são necessários com o melhor custo benefício. A placa-mãe Micro-ATX possibilita a mesma integração de uma placa ATX, mas com dimensões um pouco menores, balanceando performance e expansibilidade.
  • Linha ARK-1000: PCs Box Embarcados Fanless Ultafinos

    A linha fanless ARK-1000 apresenta tamanho ultra pequeno e foi projetado para baixo consumo de energia, oferecendo armazenamento suficiente e capacidade de expansão para fácil implementação como computadores embarcados. Estes sistemas embarcados economizam energia e espaço, oferecem o desempenho ideal para todos os tipos ...
  • Linha ARK-2000: PCs Box Embarcados Fanless com Flexibilidade de I/Os

    A nova linha ARK-2000 é fanless e com muitos recursos I / O, alta flexibilidade e de fácil expansão. Os recursos robustos deste computador incluem faixas de potência para entradas de 12V a 24V, amplas faixas de temperatura (-20 ~ 60°C) e reforço estrutural. Tecnologia de projeto multi-funcional simplifica suas aplicações ...
  • Kit de Display Industrial

    A série de kits de Display industrial da Advantech fornece painéis LCD industriais de 5.7"~31.5", displays de outdoor e displays touchscreen que são legíveis contra a luz do sol e tem funções de touch resistivas e são comprovadas para funcionar com toda e qualquer plataforma embarcada da Advantech. As linhas da Advantech ...
  • Módulos Wireless

    As Soluções de Módulos Wireless da Advantech incluem módulo Wi-Fi, módulo WLAN, Módulo 3G e Módulo GPS, que combinam a versatilidade dos módulos embarcados com softwares prontos para uso como um pacote total nas aplicações embarcadas verticais. Com o Módulo Wireless Advantech, os integradores de sistema e vendedores de PCs ...
  • Módulos de Armazenamento

    Os Módulos de Armazenamento incluem mSATA, armazenamento industrial, CoompactFlash (CF Card), Cfast, Disco de Estado Sólido (SSD), Cartão SD e mini SATA. Os módulos de armazenamento da Advantech combinam a versatilidade de módulos USB com software de gerenciamento avançado, como uma solução para todos os tipos de ...
  • Softwares Embarcados

    A Advantech oferece serviços de Software Embarcado e não só atende BIOS, sistema operacional e API Library embarcados, mas também a plataforma de serviço integrado SUSIAccess. SUSIAccess é uma ferramenta de gerenciamento de dispositivos inteligente e única que ajuda o cliente a centralizar o monitoramento e gerenciamento ...
  • Placas-Mãe Mini-ITX de Baixo Perfil e Cobertura Compacta

    As Placas Mãe Mini-ITX Industriais possuem diversas funcionalidades e performance confiável em uma dimensão ultra-compacta de apenas 170 x 170 mm. Altamente integrável, as placas Mini-ITX consomem pouca energia (menos de 45 Watts) e possuem um slot de expansão básico Mini-PCIe. A placa-mãe Mini-ITX é a plataforma ideal ...