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Advantech helps customer quickly build energy management system

Case Studies By Advantech | 1/11/2018
Advantech’s EMS solution is an energy management platform that has been developed following years of practical experience in the field. In addition to being ready-to-use and capable of fulfilling the basic needs of users, it has been designed to eliminate compatibility issues between software and hardware.

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  • Advantech WebAccess, Industrial IoT Application Software Platform

    Video 12/18/2017
    Advantech’s WebAccess/SCADA is a 100% Web-based SCADA software solution/IIoT platform with open interfaces for developing IoT applications for various vertical markets. With flexible data analysis tools in Dashboard 2.0 and a new app for iOS and Android platforms, WebAccess/SCADA allows you to mana...
  • Automation Dashboard for Industrial IoT Applications

    WhitePaper 8/23/2017
    Providing users with cross-platform, cross-browser data access and user interface based on HTML5 technology
  • Cloud-enabled Industrial IoT Solutions for Energy and Environment, Advantech(EN)

    Video 8/3/2017
    With the rapid advancements of Internet of Things which provides a huge range of opportunities for all industries. Energy and Environment have become issues of concern for the public. Industrial IoT technologies focus on the processes of sensing, control monitoring, and remote communication and by c...
  • Advantech’s WebAccess Platform Enables a Smart Building Management System for a Well-Known Exhib...

    Case Studies Advantech | 4/27/2017
    From the opening of the exhibition hall, the smart building management system developed by Leegood in cooperation with Advantech's WebAccess has been in use. The excellent benefits provided by the system have also enabled the exhibition hall to successfully achieve a “Diamond” rating – the highest l...
  • Providing High Bandwidth and Power for IP Surveillance Cameras

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/5/2016
    The System Integrator (SI) in Norway chose Advantech’s industrial switch EKI-7710E-2CPI because the interface includes eight 10/100 RJ-45 and support IEEE 802.3 af/at Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Fast Ethernet ports + two Gigabit Copper/SFP (Small Form Pluggable) fiber combo ports.
  • Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things

    WhitePaper 5/10/2016
    Learn how IoT methodologies can be used in conjunction with wireless technology to gather field data and to publish the information to those who need it most.
  • IoT Wireless I/O Module: WISE-4000 series Product Demo, Advantech(EN)

    Video Advantech | 3/7/2016
    Advantech's new generation of remote I/O & sensing devices bring an IT oriented spirit to the market. With the advanced concepts of data A-P-P, data Acquisition, data Processing to data Publishing, fulfilling mobile monitoring and controlling needs under an IoT framework. Broad adoptability h...
  • A Healthy Life Starts with a Healthy Home

    Industry Focus Advantech | 1/2/2016
    In previous articles we’ve discussed how the interiors of offices can be made more hospitable and healthy with the installation of plants, better lighting, scrubbed air and so on. But little thought is given to our own homes.
  • Data Acquisition with the Cloud and Mobile Devices

    WhitePaper 12/3/2015
    IoT and the Cloud make it possible for sensors to be everywhere, for data storage to be anywhere, and, through the use of mobile devices, control and display of data to be anywhere as well. 
  • Implications for Li-Fi in Factories and the IoT

    Industry Focus Advantech | 11/27/2015
    As more industrial premises are switching onto the idea of using packet data to send and receive information around their factories, and warehouses, they also getting switched onto the idea of using wireless systems. The trouble is that Wi-Fi isn’t always a viable solution: ...
  • Intelligent Building Automation System and Energy Saving Solution

    Case Studies Advantech | 11/16/2015
    One of the most difficult problems facing the world is conserving energy in buildings. However, it is not easy to have a cost-effective solution to reduce energy usage in a building. One solution for saving energy is to implement an intelligent building automation system (BAS) which can be controlle...
  • Green Factory IT

    Video Advantech | 10/8/2015
    Title: Green Factory IT
    Abstract: Please join Advantech webinar about the Green Factory IT to hear more about the benefits of Green IT in Smart Factories and Facilities. We will also discuss about what are the European Union restrictions and directions for companies in this matter? Does EU...
  • It’s a Cool World

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12/11/2014
    The invention of air conditioning has transformed the way we live. No longer do we have to sweat day and night in temperatures that we never quite adjust to. But unfortunately our comfort comes at an environmental cost. The HFC’s used in cooling and refrigerating are causing the ozone lay...
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency in a Shanghai Office Building

    Case Studies 1/17/2012
    Conservation of energy resources through energy management solutions are receiving considerable attention in the modern office building sector. Specific questions were directed towards average monthly energy costs and energy consumption. Meanwhile administrators need to have sufficient informatio...
  • OPIT Application: Active Energy Management Solution

    Case Studies 12/2/2011
    Energy demands are increasing and the environment is under constant pressure; as we look for alternative energy sources, the implementation of energy saving strategies has become more important than ever. Almost 40% of total energy production is used for buildings; over one-third is consumed for spa...
  • The cost-effective solution for Building Energy Management in Suzhou Industrial Park

    Case Studies Advantech | 11/30/2011
    Every day, a massive amount of energy is wasted on fuelling buildings. According to statistics, buildings consume 40% of all energy on our planet. Since energy efficiency is a hot issue on a global level, energy efficient buildings are becoming more and more important. However, it is not easy to...
  • Sistemas de Automação Predial

    Como parte do sistema de gerenciamento predial, os sistemas Advantech de Automação Predial ajudam os edifícios inteligentes a aumentar a eficiência energética e economizar energia. Dispõe de componentes habilitados para a web e baseados em navegador para permitir maior flexibilidade para engenheiros facilmente controlarerm ...
  • Computdores Em Módulos

    A série de Computadores em Módulos da Advantech inclui: COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Mini, ETX, COM-Express Básica e Q-Seven, todas projetadas em tamanhos pequenos, embora possuam suporte que variam da 4ª geração Intel ao Intel ATOM. Soluções COM avançadas incluem o COM-Express Basic / COM-Express Compact / COM-...
  • Computadores de Placa Única (SBC)

    Os Computadores de Placa Única da Advantech possuem dimensões de 3.5", PC/104, EPIC, EBX e 5.25". Estes padrões de dimensão são compactos e possuem muitas entradas e saídas (I/O), alta flexibilidade e facilidades de expansão. Além disso, as SBCs Embarcadas da Advantech oferecem performance dimensionáveis, que variam de ...
  • Placa-Mãe Industrial

    A Placa-Mãe ATX Industrial da Advantech foi projetada com dimensões padrões da indústria permitindo aos clientes atualizar seu hardware sem preocupações. Os furos de montagem ATX e os suportes de I/O já vêm prontos para uso. Além disso, podem reduzir o uso de cabos, reduzindo também o custo total do produto. Além do ciclo ...
  • Sinalização Digital Interativa

    A linha Digital Signage Display da Advantech é composta por computadores All-in-one equipados com tela multi-touch, que são ideais para sinalização digital e aplicações de varejo inteligentes. Nossos monitores profissionais com formato amplo não são apenas atraentes, mas também inteligentes o suficiente para resistir à ...