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Distributed Solar Power Station Monitoring and Management Solution
  • 10 x ECU-1251 with Advantech TagLink, 1 x ECU-4784 with Intel Hasewell Core i7 1.7GHz, 16GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD, Windows Server 2008 R2, WebAccess Pro. Unlimited tags, SPMS with one APP client license
  • Highly stable and reliable centralized monitoring and management system for key components
  • Real-time efficiency visualization, can be broken down by group, station, inverter
  • Smart alarm notification through SMS, e-mail and mobile APP
  • Intelligent analysis of power generation data, including performance and loss at each stage
  • Intact data guaranteed by store and forward when communication fails
  • Over 2GW power stations can be managed with a single system
  • Cross browser and platform support powered by the WebAccess Dashboard
Solar power management system (SPMS) aims to improve the efficiency of power generation and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance. It optimizes the power station in an intelligent way to effectively enhance power generation. The system integrates hardware and software into one, and adopts an acquisition gateway which supports multi-protocols and multi-network communication to realize the accurate acquisition of power station data. With the help of high-performance application server for electrical use only, SPMS, the
WebAccess Dashboard based system can perform remote visual management and mass data analysis of the power stations. Moreover, this system has also integrated various monitoring data and build a unified maintenance platform, making it ideal for different solar power stations where the operational staff can realize many intelligent monitoring and management tasks, such as daily operations, upper system monitoring and station management, etc.

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