Série ARK 6300: Box PCs Embedded Sem Ventilação da Série Mini-ITX

A série ARK-6300 de computadores sem ventilação possui uma placa-mãe Mini-ITX integrada e opera o sistema sem ventilação de forma silenciosa e confiável em ambientes adversos. O sistema industrial compacto e robusto é o mais novo computador embedded all-in-one com excelente capacidade de expansão e é especialmente adequado para a automação industrial, Quiosques/POS, sinalização digital (DSA), jogos e outras aplicações embedded.

  • IoT & Intelligent Devices Webinar, presented by Advantech, Intel, Wind River, McAfee

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging trend for the embedded market, which raises interesting challenges as well as tremendous opportunities ...

    Last Updated : Apr 15, 2014
  • Ruggedized High-performance Fanless Intelligent System for Traffic Surveillance, Advantech(EN)

    Experience how ARK-2150 fanless Intelligent system provides hardware- and software-based manageability solutions.

    Last Updated : Jun 18, 2013

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    2014-2015 Embedded Computing Product Catalog

    Comprehensive embedded boards, systems and modules with design-in services. Advantech is continuously developing and delivering cutting edge solutions based on the latest platforms with proven high performance, reliability, longevity and excellent design

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    Fanless Embedded Box PCs

    Advantech new generation Fanless Embedded Box PCs - ARK series solutions provided clear segments to fulfill various requirements and integrated intelligent managed software SUSIAccess and iManager to enable new user experiences, enhanced productivity, better

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ARK-6320-6M02ECOMPUTER SYSTEM, ATOM D525 1.8GHz Mini-ITX fanless system
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