Módulos de Extensão de M-E/S

O Módulo de Extensão de M-E/S suporta computadores de placa única embedded para a expansão do ponto de vista do hardware, através dos soquetes de alta velocidade, para os clientes obterem as opções de E/S mais flexíveis para satisfazer as aplicações verticais. O módulo de extensão de M-E/S integra diversas interfaces, que inclui a compatibilidade com as tecnologias PCIe, USB 3.0, SATA e DisplayPort, totalmente personalizadas para satisfazer todos os requisitos do cliente.

  • IoT & Intelligent Devices Webinar, presented by Advantech, Intel, Wind River, McAfee

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging trend for the embedded market, which raises interesting challenges as well as tremendous opportunities ...

    Last Updated : Apr 15, 2014

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    MI/O Extension Total Solution Product Catalogue

    Advantech’s innovative MI/O (Multiple I/O) Extension Single Board Computer is strategically positioned between Single Board Computers (SBC) and Computer On Modules (COM). MI/O Extension SBC comes equipped with flexible multiple I/O which helps deliver

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    Emb'Core Journal No.9

    The cover story of this issue is “Integrated Industrial Display Solutions.” The 9th issue also covers 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Platforms, SUSIAccess 2.0, OPS Compliant Digital Signage Player and Next Generation WiFi Modules.

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    SUSIAccess Brochure

    The SUSIAccess brochure includes the key features, user benefits and application scenarios of SUSIAccess, as well as highlighting all Advantech solutions preloaded SUSIAccess, featuring the latest product list we have to offer.

Part Number Descrição Get Quote
MIOE-110F-00A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MI/O module, 4 COM, isolation, powered COM, 2USB
MIOE-110L-00A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MI/O module, 3COM,powered COM,no isolation,2USB
MIOE-120F-00A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MI/O module, 2 GbE, mini PCIe, SIM, 2 USB2.0
MIOE-120L-00A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MI/O module, 1 GbE, mini PCIe, SIM, 2 USB2.0
MIOE-210-D6A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MIOe with 4xRS232/422/485 2xRS422/485 8-bit GPIO
MIOE-220-B3A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MIOe with 3xGigabit Ethernet through PCIe Switch
MIOE-220-L3A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MIOe with 3 x Gigabit Ethernet
MIOE-230-L0A1ECIRCUIT BOARD, MIOe with 48-bit LVDS, backlight power, 2xUSB
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