Gerenciador do Sistema de SNMP

O gerenciador do sistema de SNMP é um módulo de gerenciamento de sistema inteligente para o monitoramento eficiente do sistema e o gerenciamento out-of-band.

  • SNMP-1000-B


    The SNMP-1000-B is a platform independent system management module that can detect system operating conditions and notify users to take necessary action to avert system failure through multiple communication protocols. With the SNMP-1000-B installed, system monitoring and management can be integrated into an existing SNMP-...

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SNMP-1000-E1B1ESNMP/HTTP Remote System Manager, module and PCI/ISA card
SNMP-1000-E2B1ESNMP/HTTP Remote System Manager, module and carrier board, for APC chassis, fit in as an alarm board
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