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Semi-Industrial Motherboards

Advantech Semi-industrial Motherboards (SIMB) include ATX, MicroATX and Mini-ITX motherboards which offer cost effective and fast time-to-market solutions with compact, rugged and dependable motherboard designs. Compared with Advantech Industrial Motherboard series (AIMB), SIMB industrial motherboards feature 3-year longevity support, revision-control, and design support (minimum order 200 pcs).  Selections of full-sized ATX, MicroATX and Mini-ITX motherboards provide definitive solutions for POS, KIOSK, Digital Signage, Gaming and many more industrial applications.

  • Placas-Mãe Mini-ITX

    Placas-Mãe Mini-ITX

    A série de placas-mãe Mini-ITX foi projetada com múltiplas funcionalidades e performance confiável em um tamanho compacto de apenas 170 x 170 mm. As plataformas altamente integradas da placa-mãe Mini-ITX oferece um baixo consumo de energia de menos de 100 Watts e um slot de expansão básico. Tratam-se das plataformas ideais ...

  • MicroATX Motherboards

    MicroATX Motherboards

    MicroATX Motherboard is only 244 x 244 mm and suited for space/cost sensitive applications where less than 4 slots are required. MicroATX Motherboards enable the same high integration of ATX but with a smaller footprint that fills the gap between Mini-ITX and full-size ATX, balancing performance and expandability.

  • ATX Motherboards

    ATX Motherboards

    ATX motherboards measure 305 x 244 mm and support up to 7 expansion slots. Advantech’s ATX motherboards offer a wide range of computing capacities from low power Intel Pentium M based Solutions to latest multi-core processors.

  • IoT & Intelligent Devices Webinar, presented by Advantech, Intel, Wind River, McAfee

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging trend for the embedded market, which raises interesting challenges as well as tremendous opportunities ...

    Last Updated : Apr 15, 2014
Case Studies

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    2012 Full Spectrum of Embedded Boards

    New 2012 Full Spectrum of Embedded Boards, Modules and Software Services Brochure ready for you.
    From this version, you can find we list the latest embedded platforms with Intel Atom Processor N2000 and D2000 solutions.
    It also include the full

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    SUSIAccess Brochure

    The SUSIAccess brochure includes the key features, user benefits and application scenarios of SUSIAccess, as well as highlighting all Advantech solutions preloaded SUSIAccess, featuring the latest product list we have to offer.

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    Semi Industrial Motherboards

    Advantech SIMB combines the benefits of traditional motherboards and meets new demands from the semi-industrial market, helping to open up new opportunities and broaden the market. Advantech offers a complete solution, and fulfills all the requirements from