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Container-based Operating System
  • Security vulnerability protection
  • Open source software compliance artifacts
  • Customized base platform
  • Extensibility via packages and/or containers
  • Enabled IoT connectivity protocols
Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux is a container-based operating system designed to deliver a steady flow of bug fixes and security vulnerability fixes to protect deployed devices and mitigate cost of ownership and risks associated with unmanaged open source technology. Using the Yocto Project as a technology base, Pulsar delivers vital components for the productization and commercialization of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as update capabilities during development and post-deployment, continuous security monitoring and vulnerability protection, and IP and export compliance artifacts. Designed to be simple to download and develop on, Pulsar provides a ready-to-use binary image for specific hardware. It includes selected packages and middleware from the traditional Wind River Linux and market-specific profiles. More detail please visit:

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  • Embedded Software Licensing Solutions

    Embedded Software Licensing Solutions

    Advantech provides complete IoT solutions to customers who integrate Advantech hardware products or software for distribution. We support the most popular open source projects and leading technologies to provide the best software solutions.