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M2.COM Wi-Fi / BLE IoT Node
  • ƒƒARM Cortex-M4 Core Processor RAM 256 KB memory / 1MB Flash
  • Integrated with 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1 ƒƒ
  • Rich interface for sensor and I/O control ƒƒ
  • Support wide temperature -20 ~ 70 °C
WISE-1530 is a wireless module integrated with ARM Cortex-M4 Processor and Wifi / BLE connectivity. This technology is the best solution for WIFI and BLE combo Applications.
For example, we may use BLE to configure device and transfer mass data through wifi connectivity. You may choose the WIFI or BLE to submit your sensor data according to different
scenario and purpose, such as the short range with low power consumption or mass data rate to complete the specific task.
Your sensors or applications with low data rate requirement can be achieved years battery lifetime in short range communication BLE. Advantech WISE-1530 also provides multi-interfaces
for sensor and I/O control.
With ThreadX v5.6 microprocessor operating system and add-on software stacks, it's convenient to build the application software or sensor algorithm over the OS. Data can be quickly
and easily acquired and transformed into a different format to communicate with WISE-PaaS or other cloud services. Developer can build their application backbone faster and focus
on their applications, value-added services.

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