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Case Studies
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  • New trend in the passenger ticketing management in Lisbon

    Project Introduction:
    We have always relied on buses and trains to get us to work and back home. Not so long ago we relied on printed timetables and we waited for buses with a handful of coins hoping we had the right change or even enough change!

  • Factory Automation
  • Intelligent Wireless Communication Solution for Warehouse

    In order to improve the lower response and inefficient management of traditional logistics, the modern intelligent warehouse advocates adopting the latest Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system to greatly increase the intelligent level of logistics warehousing management as well as enhancing the system efficiency.

  • GIS Railway VOIP Communication System

    GIS Railway in Italy was seeking to develop a VOIP system for their railway applications. They wanted an infrastructure that featured a redundant SHDSL line and allowed connection to a variety of devices, from modern IP interfaces to old analog telephones. This project was very important, as it would lay the foundation for their communications system for many years to come, with many upgrades and expansions already planned.

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Wireless LAN Communication System

    The biggest WiMAX telecommunication company in Japan, Hitachi Kokusai Denki, provides WiMAX service in seven major cities, and plans to extend its network coverage to 90% of the territory across Japan within the next few years. The most efficient way to establish transfer facilities for public wireless LAN is to establish them on rooftops of existing buildings. In the past this project would take a very long time and require a very large budget because it’s difficult to build such an expansive network system with standard power lines. To solve this problem, Hitachi Kokusai Denki has developed a new Wireless LAN data communication system, SINELINK 25G, with the help of Advantech’s new Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.

  • KIOSK / Point of Sale Terminals
  • Rich-featured System to Carry Fast-chargers for Electric Vehicles

    Growing environmental awareness has resulted in the increasing use of vehicles that are powered by renewable energies or energies which produce less carbon dioxide and other green house gases.

  • Marine
  • Shipping Authority upgrades its Navigation System with Advantech Network Switches

    With their locks, miles of waterway and lots of big heavy ships shipping lanes and channels are complicated places that require a great deal of management. With 24 hour operation it’s imperative that their systems are fail proof and they require the most up-to-date equipment to ensure the smooth flow of traffic so that good can be transported around the world.

  • Security & Video Surveillance
  • Reliable Ethernet switches for the automatic monitoring system of traffic violations

    Modern cities have an increasing number of vehicles and therefore an increase in bad driving behavior. This causes traffic situations to rapidly deteriorate and makes the deployment of traffic enforcement systems with advanced information technology at major and minor thoroughfares a necessary measure.

  • Transportation
  • A Cost-effective and Reliable EKI Solution for a Fare Collection System
    When users need the features of a 12 bits multifunction card i.e. analog trigger, and a waveform generator, the new PCIE-1810 with 16 channels, 12 bits and a 500KS/s sample rate is the best choice.
  • Ensuring safety and stability of network-based power supply system in Taipei Metro depot

    For the Taipei Metro (also called MRT System), regular train maintenance and train scheduling are the key factors to deliver quality services as well as ensuring the safety of passengers, while its convenience, speed and numerous advantages are making people to rely on it to get around the city. Accordingly, through a normal electric source switching for each rail track to maintain the accuracy of train dispatching and operations is a great challenge in maintenance depot.

  • IP Cameras with PoE Assure Passenger Safety

    Increasing concerns over public safety has meant that video surveillance applications are growing fast. In particular, public transport systems like trains and metro systems can now take advantage of the latest technologies and industry standards. Surveillance systems play an important role in reassuring and protecting the public, but by far the most common video surveillance applications in trains are for crime/vandalism prevention and accident investigation. Video surveillance plays its part by preventing crime and keeping mishaps from becoming tragedies. The challenge for today's transportation system integrators developing video surveillance solutions for trains is designing solutions that doesn’t rely on dedicated power outlets, can accommodate existing technology, yet still be robust enough to meet the rigors and vibration of trains speeding along steel tracks and through tunnels.

  • Intelligent Gateway controller for emergency solutions in transportation market

    There are two differing views about passenger safety at stations which have dictated station design for the last 150 years or more. For most of the world, it has been assumed that passengers (and other members of the public) will take care of their own safety when walking on or near a railway.

  • Fire Alarm System

    The FAS (Fire Alarm System) in Beijing Subway Line 4 provides dual management, comprising a main controller (control center) and subordinate controllers (stations, yards, and depots). A hazard prevention monitoring center located in the control center is responsible for receiving warning signals and alarms, issuing disaster response commands, and monitoring the status of hazard prevention and resolution equipment along the entire line. In the individual stations, hazard monitoring systems receive alarms and communicate in real-time with the
    command center, receiving and executing hazard-resolution commands.

  • Parking Facility Kiosk

    In parking facility equipment implementation, other than the infrastructure of gate control, facility monitoring, and safety alarm monitoring, there's one other important segment which helps to generate revenue that requires the same rugged and weather resistant industrial automation needs: Parking Facility Kiosk. The use of these kiosks reduces the need to have multiple attendants as well as security guards, if needed. These kiosks can do things as simple as taking payment and lifting the gate or more complex needs such as storing credit card information. There are so many different possibilities by automating these parking facility kiosks.

  • Marine Traffic Control System

    Maritime transport is vital to every economy and the global economy is also driving its long-term demand. However, collision and grounding are major causes of ship damage, environmental pollution and lost lives. As a result, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), which automatically provide information about the ship to other ships and coastal authorities, are an invaluable tool.


  • Wireless Solution for Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring System

    Delivering fresh food and beverages to consumers is a popular business, making the logistics of delivering chilled food a multi-million dollar industry. By using refrigerator trucks, logistics companies can transport goods everywhere. However, it is also a challenge to ensure that goods are stored in optimal conditions during transportation as well as being delivered punctually. Therefore, the logistics companies need to build the effective system to help them to closely monitor the goods and trucks.

  • Railroad PSCADA System

    For modern railroad systems, a reliable supply of electrical power is a matter of life and death. Power substations along railroad systems transform voltage from the city grid into voltage suitable for trains. The equipment in these power substations requires close monitoring to ensure normal operations and security.

  • MRT In-Car Video Surveillance System

    In many cities, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system carries over 1.4 million passengers every day. Mishaps can happen at any moment, involving casualties, crimes, or biohazards. A video surveillance system that monitors every corner throughout MRT stations and trains helps maintain minute to minute passenger safety.

  • Parking Lot Monitoring System

    Parking lots are places with intense security concerns, and we see more and more video cameras installed in these locations. Thanks to advancements in computer technology, parking lot monitoring systems are today more intelligent than ever, not only capable of recording images but also of analyzing recorded data and issuing event alerts.

  • Air Traffic Control Center

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) is the critical service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft both on the ground and in the air. The primary purpose of ATC systems worldwide is to separate aircraft to prevent collisions, to organize and expedite the flow of traffic, and to provide information and other support for pilots.

  • Advantech Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System for Rail Transportation

    Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) is an automated system for rail transportation that performs ticket vending, ticket checking, fare calculation, fare collection, statistics, clearing, and management tasks; it uses computers, communication networks, and automatic control technology. The structure of an AFC system consists of five levels: fare media, devices to read/write media, depot/station computers, back office systems, and central clearing house. Embedded computers are used in all the systems except for the tickets, and station terminal equipment has relatively special requirements: compact systems, with abundant COM and USB ports, multiple displays, etc.For those reasons, unique specifications have been developed for Booking Office Machines(BOM), Ticket Vending Machines(TVM), Ticket Checking Machines(TCM), and Gate Control Systems(GCS).

  • Train-driving Simulator Optimization Using Advantech’s Distributed Control System

    In recent years, China has invested heavily in railway construction. The rapid development of railway systems has increased demand for qualified professionals in the railway industry, especially locomotive engineers. Advantech has previously developed a train-driving simulator to train and instruct new railway workers.

  • Disaster Prevention and Safety Monitoring System for High-Speed Railway
    High-speed train runs at speeds of 300-350 kilometers per hour and in order to ensure the safety of passengers, building a disaster prevention system is essential to reduce potential accidents.
  • Surveillance and Monitoring System over Power Substations in Beijing Subway

    Over the last 10 years, the rapid expansion of Beijing’s underground system has helped to modernize the city. However, the sprouting metro lines would be paralyzed if the supply of electrical power was not stable.

  • Railway Signal Monitoring System

    Railway signal monitoring systems take advantage of high-speed information processing capabilities of a microcomputer to supply continuous, comprehensive and automatic real-time monitoring. As a result, they provide complete and continuous real-time data, which increases signal monitoring quality and further helps prevent accidents. Meanwhile, having such a large quantity of data can be quite helpful in analyzing accidents and reviewing equipment status. This railway signal monitoring system acquires relevant switching values (key operation, track light ribbons, switch position, semaphore status, etc.) and analog values (railway voltage, switch position, voltage of each power supply, etc.) to build a comprehensive database.

  • Train Safety Monitoring and Diagnosis System

    The Locomotive & Vehicle Research Institute of China has recently unveiled a Train Safety Monitoring and Diagnosis System that will be required for all new passenger trains built in that region. This new system plays an important role in ensuring consistent and reliable acceleration speed for passenger cars and monitors many minute details in passenger car operation. This not only guarantees safe and reliable travel for all commuters, but provides peace of mind to many citizens, thereby increasing the amount of commuters on the rail, which is of economic importance as well.

  • Fiber Optic Train Station Communication System
  • Metro Station Fire Alarm System

    As large and fundamental facilities for commuting, metro stations are the backbone of transportation for many cities. Subway modernization has already become an important initiative for many countries. With excellent automation application experience, Advantech has successfully developed many railway applications. Beijing's 4th metro line is one of the busiest in the city, and securing that specific line with automated security and safety capabilities was a key importance for the government of China. Advantech helped develop an advanced Fire Alarm System (FAS) to provide automatic control and disaster prevention. This system will generate an alarm when disasters occur and can even help manage a crisis on its own through intelligent programming and the ability to take control of automated onsite equipment.

  • Expressway Tunnel Monitoring System

    This expressway tunnel monitoring system utilizes a distributed Ethernet-based networking control architecture and includes central monitoring system, zone controllers and field site controllers. The ultra-compact and high cost-performance controller greatly simplifies system architecture and connection.

  • PoE Enabled Devices for Video Surveillance Systems

    Video surveillance systems are quickly gaining popularity in transportation applications to ensure the safety of all commuters. However, there are always issues when finding ways to supply power to remotely located devices, and how to keep them operating 24/7 when they are constantly exposed to extreme weather. Recently a customer turned to Advantech for PoE enabled Ethernet switches to overcome these inherent distance, power, and reliability issues.

  • Application Concept - ECDIS Navigation Management System on a Marine Bridge

    Marine electronics have become more and more important due to the increasing use of automation & control systems on seafaring vessels. This trend is due to reductions in vessel personnel, increasing safety requirements and the advent of the electronic chart. A number of large corporate groups are developing worldwide to cater specifically to this market. When combined with electric propulsion, even larger single-company content is possible.