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Date: 5/18/2010

Zetes Gets Proof of Delivery Using Advantech's TREK-743R Vehicle Mounted Computer

Location: Europe

Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS),a leading pan-European provider of solutions and services for automatic tracking of goods and positive identification of personnel,recently announced the launch of its new electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solution to optimize traceability across the supply chain. The ePOD solution is based on Advantech's TREK-743R,a robust vehicle mounted terminal that integrates RFID, wireless communication, smart card and barcode technology,

The solution was designed to optimize traceability across the supply chain. Supply chain management is a complex task. For an originator,knowing that goods have been delivered securely to the final destination is important. Having security over merchandise in transit, and being able to trace movement from production center to warehouse,and warehouse to retail outlet is a great benefit.








Zetes chose TREK-743R,an all-in-one,rugged,mobile PC which comes integrated with WLAN/GPRS. They added a smart card and software to accurately track the identities of personnel, and the location of goods in transit. When a shipment is made,delivery information is stored on the smart card. The containers are labeled with RFID tags which are scanned en route and again at delivery by the TREK-743R.The stored data is sent via SMS to the originator and to other interested parties. It is also uploaded to a data repository for data/image verification and reporting. The system is simple to install and has a low cost of ownership. Real time verification during scanning reduces mistakes,and accurate deliveries reduce returns and costly claims on goods.

The Zetes ePOD using TREK-743R provides a low cost standalone solution which can be easily integrated into existing IT systems. The key benefits include:
 n Optimal tracking and tracing,reducing costly returns,claims and shrinkage
 n Updating stakeholders in real time about deliveries of goods and promotions
 n Combining the advantages of smart card technology,RFID and barcode scanning
 n User-friendly software based on a touchscreen interface
 n Hands-free support,allowing multiple workers to unload/move stock
 n Ease of installation-no integration with existing warehouse IT systems is required