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Hardware Accelerated Video Processing: Building Agile, Scalable and Cost-Efficient UHD Solutions from Edge Contribution to Cloud Distribution

WhitePaper | 11/20/2017
The arrival of UHD, the increasing demand for OTT content and the introduction of HEVC are outstripping the processing capabilities of existing infrastructure which can now be easily upgraded by leveraging COTS access to unrivalled performance 4K/8K HEVC/AVC video acceleration such as the one provided by Advantech VEGA Platforms.

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  • IBC 2018

    Events 9/28/2017
    Visit us at IBC 2018 to deal with live UHD HEVC video processing anywhere in the media workflow, from edge contribution to cloud distribution. By leveraging Advantech’s video acceleration, you will be able to build agile, scalable and cost-effective solutions. See you in 2018 IBC.
  • NAB Show 2018

    Events 9/28/2017
    NAB Show Event website: Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center City: Las Vegas Country: USA Date: April 9 - 12
  • Advantech VEGA-3318 Highest Density OTT Transcoding for Data Center and Cloud Video Applications

    Video 9/26/2017
    Advantech VEGA-3318 is the world’s first commercial-off-the-shelf video accelerator able to perform low-latency, professional-grade 8-ch 4Kp60 HEVC transcoding in an ultra-low power PCI Express format that can be integrated into standard servers via Linux API. Up to four VEGA-3318 accelerators can b...
  • BIRTV 2018

    Events 9/21/2017
    BIRTV Event website: Venue: China International Exhibition Center, City: Beijing, China Date: 2018, August
  • Highest Density Cloud Media Processing for OTT Video Delivery

    Case Studies Advantech | 9/6/2017
    The growing demand for UHD OTT streamed content is disrupting broadcasting and mobile business models. Mobile and social video are driving online content consumption growth with OTT viewership expected to exceed traditional viewing by 2020. According to Cisco VNI, 78% of the world’s mobile data traf...
  • 4K IP Live Production

    Case Studies Case Study | 7/7/2017
    Advantech enables them with a broad choice of adapters, switches, appliances and systems to integrate IP media interfacing into different live production equipment.
  • Professional Live Streaming for Social Media

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/13/2017
    While TV time continues to decline, time spent on social media is steadily growing with Americans now spending an average of 5:30 hours a week on social platforms and the rest of the world quickly catching up. Video is driving this growth and companies like Facebook or Snaptchat are strenuously prom...
  • 8K Virtual Reality Live Streaming

    Case Studies Advantech - NCG - VSD | 5/3/2017
    Virtual Reality has the potential to fully transform viewers’ experience but real mass adoption is subject to providing life-like quality content which poses many infrastructure challenges. The Cisco Visual Networking Index for Mobile predicts that Virtual Reality traffic will increase at a 60% comp...
  • Webinar - Accelerate the UHD and IP Broadcasting Workflow

    Video 4/19/2017
    Our consumption of higher definition video across IP networks continues to grow exponentially, whether due to new broadcast modalities, new “broadcast yourself” trends, or increasing prevalence of UHD/4K channels. This webinar examines some of the latest video encoding and processing architectures a...
  • Multi-channel 4K HEVC Broadcast and Contribution Encoder

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/16/2017
    With 4K TV prices rapidly dropping to the HD-level, 4K adoption is expected to finally take off in 2016. 4K TV penetration rate will rise to 23.8% by the end of the year according to TrendForce which will increase the demand for 4K services and drive the broadcast and cable networks rollout plans.
  • Advantech Introduces Real-Time 8K HEVC Encoder Card

    Video 11/9/2016
    Take a tour around our booth at IBC 2016 with Brian Carr who will walk you through our latest introductions at the show, the new VEGA-331x PCI Express encoder cards which integrate an improved HEVC functionality in addition to decoding and IP media capabilities, the VEGA-3304 which is the world...
  • VEGA Video Solutions for Efficiently Handling UHD and IP Workflows

    Video 10/13/2016
    Advantech's broad portfolio of application-ready video platforms and easy-to-integrate PCI Express cards helps OEMs address the challenges of high resolution video processing and transport in a cost efficient manner. These low power, open architecture solutions bring great scalability and flexibi...
  • Advantech at IBC 2015

    Video Advantech | 6/14/2016
    Leading Innovation for the New IP Video Infrastructure
    Advantech's video processing acceleration products are designed to boost video infrastructure equipment performance at the lowest power budget while fully complying with the broadcast industry needs. By allowing OEMs to take advantage of th...
  • Intelligent Surveillance webinar, Advantech(EN)

    Video Advantech | 4/20/2016
    Advantech’s Intelligent Surveillance System can enhance surveillance operations in today’s IoT Era by reducing labor costs and increasing the security of valuable assets. It comprises an analog camera, DVP card, Ethernet switch, NVR system, CMS system, rackmount switch, video wall server...
  • Powering Intelligent Surveillance , Advantech(EN)

    Video Advantech | 4/7/2016
    Powering Intelligent Surveillance (WebAccess/IVS)

    Applications of Intelligent Video Analytics Technology, Advantech (EN)

    Video Advantech | 9/24/2015
    In today's IoT Era, intelligent video analytics technology has the power to improve people's everyday life. Allow us to show you how in this simulation of a day at the Advantech headquarters.
  • Advantech at NAB 2015

    Video Advantech | 4/27/2015
    Discover Advantech’s innovative video solutions demonstrated at the world's largest broadcast exhibition. The new Advantech HVC-8700/HVC-8701 4K HEVC encoder accelerator cards solve the problem of adding broadcast quality live HEVC encoding to 4K video applications boosting performance by o...
  • Aquisição de Vídeos e Codificação

    As plataformas de processamento de vídeo Advantech oferecem placas de aquisição e encoder de vídeo para suportar um amplo leque de soluções dos clientes. Nossos produtos são desenvolvidos para disponibilizar outputs HDMI e analógicos, ter uma alta velocidade de processamento em vários formatos e fornecer opções em ...
  • Processamento de Sinais Digitais Multi-Núcleos

    O portfolio de processamento de sinal digital Multi-core (DSP) da Advantech inclui produtos ATCA, AdvancedMC e PCI Express. Nossos mecanismos de processamento Multimidia (MPE) em full e half-length no quesito formato PCIe oferece uma performance de transcodificação de HD impressionante para aplicações em mídia digital e ...
  • Controladores de Video Wall

    O Controlador Video Wall da Advantech, validado pelo laboratório Matrox, é desenvolvido para aplicações de transmissão e video wall (telão composto de uma série de monitores sobrepostos). O controlador video wall da Advantech também é compatível com a série Mura MPX. O controlador de video wall Advantech oferece o melhor ...
  • Placas de Captura de Vídeo

    As placas de captura de vídeo Advantech suportam completamente software e hardware SD/HD. A placa de captura de vídeo oferece várias interfaces de PC host, de USB a PCI, PCIe, PCI 104 e mini cards. As placas também suportam uma ampla variedade de entradas de interfaces como YPbPr, SDI, HDMI, DVI, BNC e RCA.
  • Sistemas de Vídeo Inteligentes

    O Sistema de Vídeo inteligente da Advantech oferece tanto Gravadores de Vídeo Digital (DVR) quanto Gravadores de Vídeo em Rede (NVR) para suportar valiosos softwares de análise de vídeo. As Soluções inteligentes de Video oferecem ambas as plataformas TI DSP e baseada em PC X86 para diversas aplicações de vídeo. A ...