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Q1. What's the best way to find open positions?

A1: Use the Job Search page and select criteria that will narrow the focus to positions that may be right for you. The search results page will show all open positions that match your criteria — click the job titles for detailed descriptions. If you wish, you may save results in Favorites for future review.

Q2. Can I submit my resume online?

A2: Yes. There are two ways to send your resume to Advantech: Create and submit a resume using My Profile or send in a resume via e-mail. Note that by submitting your applications via “My Profile”, your information will be uploaded to our database, allowing recruiters to reference your skills when appropriate positions become available.

Q3. What is the best way to send my resume to Advantech?

A3: The best way to send your resume to Advantech is to use My Profile. This tool helps you provide all the information Advantech recruiters need when searching for qualified candidates. You may also save your resume here for convenient updates and submission for future job openings.

Q4. How long after submitting my resume can I expect to hear from Advantech?

A4: Your resume is promptly entered into our resume database and made available to recruiters who specialize in matching your skills, strengths, and areas of interest to available job openings. A recruiter may contact you if an open position matches your skills and background. Your resume will remain active in our database and will be considered for future positions for up to half a year.

Q5. Can I apply for jobs in other countries?

A5:Yes. If you are interested in opportunities in one of our overseas offices, use Job Search with the filter set to your preferred region to explore current job openings.

Q6. Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

A6: Yes. Please list the positions that interest you in order of your preference.

Q7. After having applied online how can I contact the hiring recruiter?

A7: You may contact an Advantech recruiter by email. All the addresses are on the Contact Us page, listed by region.

If you have applied for a specific job, your application will be reviewed by the appropriate recruiter. If you have submitted a profile through My Profile, recruiters can search the database for your resume and will contact you if your qualifications match an existing position.