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Life and Culture

"Talent Invigoration" is our core value, and pursuing a "Beautiful life" is how we achieve it. Through a series of diverse activities held by the Advantech ABLE Club (Advantech Beautiful Life), we share our passion with families, employees and society, and embrace the beautiful life together.

ABLE Club was developed from the employee perspective, and cares for the real needs of employees. "Working & Learning Toward a Beautiful Life" is a growth target for Advantechers. We hope it will help them pursue innovative learning opportunities, experience life and contribute to society in their spare time. Through involvement in sports, passion, LOHAS and the arts, we expect to deepen the emotional communication between Advantechers and their families, and increase their family bonds.

ABLE Club encourages Advantechers to take advantage of the learning opportunities after work and recharge themselves from time to time to improve their competitiveness. We also encourage employees to incorporate these opportunities outside the workplace, showing concern for society, promoting public welfare, doing good works through sharing and helping others, and in the end, creating a "beautiful life."