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Enable VUE Touch Display in the IoT World! You can find full-line VUE display products here!

Categoria de Produtos

  • LCD Display

    VUE-2000 and VUE-3000, including panel mount monitors, desktop monitors, and medical-grade monitors. Covering from 10.1 to 27.0 inches.

    • Panel Mount Monitor

      Advantech Industrial Panel Mount, including VUE-2000 Full-flat series (10.1", 15.6", 23.8" screen size) and XMT series (10.1", 10.1", 15.0" and 15.6")
    • Desktop Monitor

      VUE-3000, covering from 21.5" and 27" desktop monitor
    • Medical Monitor

      With EN60601-1, UL60601-1 Certification, Advantech offers 19" ~ 31" Medical Grade Monitors and Digital Mammography Monitors for exceptionally accurate images for Clinical Review and Diagnostics in hospitals around the world.
  • Large-format LCD Display

    VUE-5000, including digital signages, touch digital signages, and video walls. Covering from 43 inches to 86 inches.

    • Digital Signage

      VUE-5000 Large-format Digital Signage Series, tested at least 18x7 long operation and embedded cooling system to ensure its lifetime in the meanwhile.
    • Touch Digital Signage

      VUE-5000, IR Touch Digital Signage, covering from 55" and 65" models
    • Video Wall

      VUE-5000 Large-format Video Wall Series, featuring the extremely narrow bezels 0.9mm (bezel to bezel 1.8mm) for a nearly seamless viewing experience.
  • Touch Module

    Fulfill specified touch device with Advantech configured Touch Panel Module! Eight different screen sizes and two different touch technologies (resistive or projected capacitive type) as various product selections. For specified requirements, wide range of configurable options such as customized cover glass design (glass series, thickness, AG/AR/AS treatment, printing, CNC hole), enhanced materials (glass, film, OCA) and IC solutions for all kinds of applications like industrial, medical, retail

    • PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touch)

      Electrodes are aligned in a grid pattern on the sensor side of touch panel. The grid detects the touch point by sensing the change of electrical charges that occur when a finger touches the surface of the touch panel. The PCAP touch technology has the added advantage of durability because it has no degradation to the surface of the display or the performance of the touch sensor.
    • RTP (Resistive)

      The resistive structure is sensed by pressure so there is no limitation of contacting forms. Resistive touch screens work smoothly even using a pen or with gloves. TFT resistive touch screen Display can be used on consumer electrical products, such as POS system, security system, control monitors and GPS devices.
  • Mounting Accessories

    Mounting accessory specially designed for VUE-5000 Large format Digital Signage/Video Wall and VUE-2000 Panel Mount Display Series