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Terminais POS (Pontos de Serviços)

A Advantech e AdvanPOS oferecem um amplo range de pontos de venda que atendem às demandas de aplicações diversificadas para um mercado vertical e para requisitos OEM/ODM (original equipment manufacturer e original design manufacturer). Nossos produtos são desenvolvidos com base nas necessidades específicas e especializadas de clientes e usuários para criar soluções adequadas para varejo e hospitalidade. Nossos produtos ganharam os prêmios Taiwan Excellence, Computex Best Choice e Computex Design and Innovation por meio da excelente qualidade, incrível design e ferramentas únicas. Um leque crescente de periféricos POS de alta qualidade são fornecidos para aprimorar a expansibilidade e flexibilidade

Categoria de Produtos

  • Avalo Family


    • USC-250

      USC-250 is an enterprise-grade computer with 15" true-flat PCAP touch . It is with Intel Skylake-U processor, fanless design with quiet operation and energy saving. It features dual hinge design which provides the smallest footprint to save counter space and reduce shipment freight. It provides easy access to key components. The front panel is with IP65 design, supports water and dust resistance. USC-250 is with the most competitive cost, and energy effective platform built for retail and hospitality.
  • UPOS-500 Series

    UPOS-500 Series are industrial-grade fanless POS system, equipped with modularized monitors, to ensure flexible installation for diverse applications.

    • UPOS-510

      UPOS-510 is modern industrial-grade POS system powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900 and Core™ i5-6300U processor. The slim and borderless front touch panel offers a maximized viewing area and is IP65-rated for water and dust protection. The small footprint design makes UPOS-510 the ideal system for limited-space installations and medium and small-sized businesses. The easy-access back cover allows users to conveniently access/replace HHDs. Additionally, UPOS-510 supports I/O expansion for flexible installation and can be equipped with diverse peripherals, such as a secondary rear-mounted display, to satisfy diverse applications in retail and hospitality environments.
    • UPOS-520

      Although retail companies desire POS systems branded with their corporate logo and color scheme, most manufacturers struggle to satisfy this requirement. Consequently, Advantech developed its UPOS-520 POS solution. The UPOS-520 features a customizable back cover that can be emblazoned with a corporate logo in keeping with a company’s specific corporate image and internal decoration. Additionally, the UPOS-520 is fanless, which ensures noiseless operation and eliminates the accumulation of foreign contaminants.
    • UPOS-530

      To satisfy the usage requirements of the retail and hospitality industries, Advantech’s UPOS-530 is equipped with the latest fanless Intel® processor for delivering noiseless yet high-performance computing during peak business hours. The system also supports three mount options to meet the installation needs of most retail and hospitality environments. The inclusion of a smart hinge allows for easy HDD removal and replacement, ensuring the system can be flexibly upgraded in the future. Furthermore, UPOS-530 can be integrated with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/RMM remote management software to support remote monitoring of the system status as well as database backups and recovery, making it more than just a transaction POS system.
    • UPOS-540

      UPOS-540 is an ultra-compact POS box system with the latest Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor and fanless low-power system that provide cost-effective high computing performance. With the inclusion of customizable I/O interfaces, UPOS-540 is highly expandable and can be integrated with various peripherals. The aluminum finish housing not only enhances heat dissipation, but also provides a stylish appearance that, combined with the system’s compact small footprint design, ensures installation flexibility and space savings for a wide range of retail and hospitality environments. 
  • UTC-300P Series

    All-in-one computing terminals, UTC-300P series, are designed for multi-purpose with Intel 16:9 screen (include IP65 front panel protection) for retail solutions.

    • UTC-318P

      UTC-318P is the beautifully designed multi-purpose all-in-one Point-of-Sales system that makes it easy to get paid quickly, manage product inventory, build customer database, and repeat business with loyalty. Equipped with 16:9 wide screen format, touch base LCD panel, UTC-318Px integrates add-on key peripherals, such as Camera, RFID, Smart Card Reader, MSR, Barcode Scanner, and display systems for diversified applications. 
    • UTC-315P

      UTC-315P is the beautifully designed multi-purpose all-in-one Point-of-Sales system that makes it easy to get paid quickly, manage product inventory, build customer database, and repeat business with loyalty. Equipped with 16:9 wide screen format, touch base LCD panel, UTC-315Px integrates add-on key peripherals, such as Camera, RFID, Smart Card Reader, MSR, Barcode Scanner, and display systems for diversified applications. 
  • UPOS-200 Series

    UPOS-200 series, a all-in-one POS system with small footprints, fanless operation and flat PCAP touch, offers a compact footprint for installation with limited-space, such as self-service kiosk.

    • UPOS-211

      UPOS-211 is an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system that features a small footprint and dual-hinge design, making it ideal for countertops and limited-space installations. Powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor, UPOS-211 ensures high-performance computing and reliable data processing, while supporting flexible customization for diverse applications.
  • Linha UPOS-300

    A série UPOS-300 representa um sistema POS (point of sales - ponto de vendas) que oferece a menor ocupação de espaço físico para aprimorar a flexibilidade do layout da loja. Provê acesso fácil para componentes-chave e módulo de checagem de cédula para acelerar o processo de pagamento.

    • UPOS-315

      UPOS-315 is a fanless POS system, which provides the smallest footprint to save counter space and enhance store layout flexibility. It provides easy access to key components and cash check module to expedite cash payment process. SUSIAccess was built in to support Real-time Hardware / Software monitoring, remote maintenance and system security. It is designed with the unique T-structure for Mini market store, Food merchandise, Convenience store, Specialty store. UPOS systems are the best solutions to deliver a quicker and smarter shop experience, bring mutual business benefit.
  • Linha Abox

    ABox oferece operação sem ventilação forçada (fanless) e vem com um encapsulamento robusto sem orifícios de ventilação para prevenir a intrusão de material externo. Abox oferece um número suficiente de portas I/O para se adequar a um amplo range de aplicações de varejo e hospitalidade.

    • USM-110

      USM-110 is an ultra-compact digital signage player. Equipped with an Arm® Cortex®-A17 RISC-based box PC which is aimed at markets that demand high-performance graphics in a cost-effective platform. USM-110 offers enhanced heat dissipation to ensure stable and reliable operation. To facilitate various retail and hospitality applications, USM-110 supports multiple mount options, ensuring easy installation in diverse environments. Moreover, USM-110 is integrated with Advantech’s UShop SignageCMS digital signage management software, which supports remote management for convenient real-time control.
    • UBX-310

      UBX-310, an intelligent, fanless embedded system powered by Intel® low power processor with multiple I/O interface. The new generation Intel® processor brings 300% improvement on processing power and 300% on graphics performance than previous generation Intel® Atom™ processors. These low-power platforms provide energy-efficient and environmentally responsible solutions, and serve applications targeted at factory automation, machine automation,retail, kiosks, and self-service applications
  • Accessories

    Advantech mobile accessories offer a wide range of peripherals and multiple chargers for mobile POS to fulfill applications in different vertical market.

    • USC-P01-B110

      VFD, rear mount for UPOS-211
    • UPOS-P01

      VFD, rear mount for UPOS-211
    • UPOS-P03

      2-in-1 MSR (with RFID or FIngerprint or Smart Card or iButton) for UPOS Series
    • UPOS-P05

      1D/2D Barcode Scanner
    • UPOS-M07G

      7" Secondary Display for UPOS Series
    • UPOS-M10G

      10" Secondary Display for UPOS Series
    • UPOS-M15

      M15 monitor is designed to fit your point of sale system need. Monitor mounted borderless touch panel allow you to finger touch operating the system. Sleek and thin design provide a modern looking. M15 be able to mount through the standard VESA holes on pole, arm or wall mount. Desktop stand option is also available. Display back reserved hatched to mount the optional perepherals.

Principais Características

  • Intelligent POS Solutions

    Intelligent POS Solutions

    To enhance retail and hospitality services and satisfy diverse satisfy OEM/ODM requirements, Advantech offers a wide range of POS systems aimed at different market segments and application demands. Advantech is committed to providing POS systems of the highest quality, durability, and performance to the global marketplace. Not surprisingly, Advantech’s products have received a COMPUTEX Best Choice Award for excellent quality, outstanding design, and unique features. Advantech also offers a growing range of high-quality POS peripherals that expand the system functionalities, allowing the POS systems to serve as intelligent POS systems and/or self-service kiosks.