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Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

With no setup required, Advantech’s unmanaged Ethernet switches are truly plug-and-play and are designed for use in demanding industrial environments.

Advantech's EKI-2000 Series are the best deal offer for your Ethernet connections. Their super-slim IP30 metal casing design provides high reliability to quickly deliver continuous data transmission with high degree of security, making them an ideal option for your Ethernet solution.

High Versatile Switch Products

  • Ranging from 5 to 28 ports. More than 30 skus.
  • Support din rail, wall mount or rack mount design
  • Support fast Ethernet or gigabit transmission
  • Optional fiber ports help you conquer the distance boundary
  • PoE functionality serves power and data transmission with one cable

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  • No setting efforts
  • No compatibility issues
  • Goes along with any network infrastructure
  • Slim size for instant installation with minimum costs and efforts, allowing users to upgrade to an intelligent plant at ease

Mini 8-cm Ethernet Switch

Robust Communication Solutions

  • Super slim IP30 metal casing provides reliable & compact management
  • Support wide operating temperatures from -40 to 75oC

How tough Advantech switch is

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