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Self-Ordering Machine


Application Requirements

Self-ordering machines assist customers in placing orders via an intuitive, multilingual and user-friendly touch screen interface. This reduces queues and waiting times during busy periods. It also helps retail stores reduce labor cost, increases working efficiency, facilitates managerial tasks, and improves customer service. In total it bring benefits for both the retail store and customers. Advantech EPC-T2285 box PC is equipped with an Intel 6th Gen. desktop low profile mini- ITX motherboard and 1U height enclosure. It provides high computing power and enhanced graphic performance and the efficient thermal solution draws heat inside out. Only 1U in height (44mm), this box PC can be mounted behind the touch panel display properly for easy assembly/disassembly.



  • Slim enclosure built with thin miniITX desktop board
  • Outstanding CPU and graphics performance with the latest Intel 6th Gen Core i processor
  • Rich high speed I/O connectivity (ex: USB 3.0, SATAIII)
  • Dual independent displays combined with HDMI, DP and LVDS