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Implementing, Scaling, and Deploying Edge Orchestration Services from the Cloud

Edge orchestration allows end users to create a multi-cloud strategy that provides more freedom for agile business operation

As the diversity of edge hardware and software continues to grow, the distributed edge landscape also continues to evolve, which can make scaling edge projects challenging for systems integrators and end users. Industry leaders focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software solutions, however, continue to work together on integrations and joint edge orchestration solutions to ease the process.

The term “edge orchestration” refers to a combination of edge infrastructure, cloud service providers, and edge-based applications in one, holistic system. Implementing an all-inclusive edge orchestration solution for applications helps to consolidate and manage diverse mixes of software workloads and edge hardware. Numerous businesses are implementing edge orchestration solutions to combat various centralized network challenges, such as bandwidth and latency concerns, data security, integration of disparate solutions, and more.

The sheer size and amount of today’s data streams is speeding the global adoption of edge computing, as the edge allows users to take control of data from the moment of creation. With edge computing and real-time data, users can implement a multi-cloud strategy that provides more freedom for agile business operations without changes to underlying infrastructure. 

In our latest InnoTalks panel session, we bring together thought leaders from Advantech, Microsoft, and ZEDEDA to discuss in detail the edge computing trends you should be keeping an eye on, such as effective edge orchestration. With scale and security, edge orchestration helps drive new business outcomes and opportunities. Joint solutions from leading companies in the industrial IoT space allow for easy scalability in cloud-based frameworks. ZEDEDA and Microsoft offer integrated technology solutions for secure edge orchestration that also utilize Advantech edge devices.

Additionally, a native integration of ZEDEDA’s edge solution enables end-to-end remote management of the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge software stack on distributed edge computing nodes—all at hyper-scale. ZEDEDA’s open orchestration solution supports any combination of containers, Kubernetes clusters, and virtual machines (VMs) deployed on edge computing nodes, connecting to any cloud. Learn about this integration and more as our guest speakers discuss in detail how end users can scale edge orchestration services from the cloud. Our panel also explores best practices to follow for real-world IoT implementation and the eight attributes of successful IoT solutions.